• Arsenal Match

    Arsenal v Liverpool FC

    ,  Emirates Stadium,  London,  United Kingdom

  • Chelsea match tickets

    Chelsea FC v Manchester City

    ,  Stamford Bridge,  London,  United Kingdom

  • FA Community Shield 2024

    Community Shield - Manchester City v Manchester United

    ,  Wembley Stadium,  London,  United Kingdom

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Popular Football Tickets

,  Wembley Stadium,  London,  United Kingdom

,  Portman Road,  Ipswich,  United Kingdom

,  Emirates Stadium,  London,  United Kingdom

,  Stamford Bridge,  London,  United Kingdom

,  Selhurst Park,  London,  United Kingdom

,  Villa Park,  Birmingham,  United Kingdom

,  London Olympic Stadium,  London,  United Kingdom

,  Old Trafford,  Manchester,  United Kingdom

,  Stamford Bridge,  London,  United Kingdom

,  Tottenham Hotspur Stadium,  London,  United Kingdom

Why Buy Football Tickets Online from WoWtickets.football

It’s so quick, secure and easy to buy football tickets online with WoWtickets.football. You can do it anywhere, at anytime . . . from the comfort of your armchair at home. There’s no need to queue in the cold and wet for hours only to find that they’ve sold out just before you reach the front. There’s no need to hang on the line to a call centre with your fingers crossed. We’ve got football tickets for sale for all of the hard to get matches, even the hottest events which are listed as “SOLD OUT” . . . and we can supply them at unbelievable prices. From the English Premier League to FA Cup, La-Liga, El Clasico, Europa League and Champions League. From Arsenal tickets, to Chelsea FCLiverpool FC, Manchester United, Manchester City, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

How to Buy Football Tickets Online?

Booking tickets with WoW is quick and easy:

  • Browse through our site pages – popular events, your favourite team or competition pages and click on the event you want.
  • On the event page (for example, Arsenal v Chelsea), next to the seating category that you want, select quantity and click “Buy Tickets”.
  • You will be redirected to the checkout page where you will be asked to either login (for existing customers), register (for new customers) or just checkout as a guest (for lazy or “in a hurry” customers).
  • Fill in your delivery and payment details. Note, that if you are traveling and haven’t booked a hotel yet – don’t worry, you can leave the address empty and send us the hotel address when you have it.
  • Review your order total and submit the payment.
  • Once your online payment is processed successfully, a “Payment received” email will be sent to you. Following that we will review your order details and if everything is place you will receive an “Order confirmation” email.
  • We will contact you prior to the match to arrange the delivery of the tickets
  • You enter the stadium and enjoy the match

How to buy football tickets for non-members?

It’s easy, since you’re buying on the secondary market (see detailed explanation below), all you need to do is follow the instructions above, pay for your tickets, we will deliver them to you so you can enter the match and enjoy the game.

How Much Are Football Tickets Prices?

First, ticket prices in the secondary market are almost always above “face value” because they are being traded by ticket owners who don’t want them and sell them to the highest bidder. Having said that, there are several major factors that will affect ticket prices:

  • Game category – the higher the opponent team is ranked (category A versus category C), the higher the demand is and the higher the price will be. Meaning, if 2 big teams are playing - it will affect the price.
  • Rank in the league table/competition stage – this is not always true but higher rank will definitely push up the demand for tickets and when the season progresses the higher the “tension” between the 2 teams fans the higher the price.
  • City where the match is being held – matches on big cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Barcelona, Madrid etc. that are a huge tourist attraction - prices will be higher than in smaller cities.
  • Weekends vs Weekdays – weekend matches, when people are off work, are of greater demand which of course affect prices
  • Local Rivalries – when 2 football teams from the same city (or area) are playing against each other, there will always be a greater demand
  • Seating Category – there are differences in prices between the various seating location you chose and it’s all about your personal preferences - some fans wouldn’t go for less than the VIP/Hospitality tickets and some would want specifically to be seated in the Long side central lower tier to see everything from up close and other would feel great viewing the entire ground from the Long side upper tiers.

How My Soccer Tickets Are Being Delivered?

Normally, we deliver the tickets several days before the event. In many cases the tickets will arrive 1-2 days before the match date and in some individual cases, the tickets will arrive at the morning of the match.

Is It Safe and Secure to Buy Football Tickets Online?

We at WoW are obligated to follow strict guidelines in order to maintain fair business practices, secure online transactions and respect your privacy. For that we use SSL (secure Socket Layer) on all our site pages, we are PCI complaint and so is our payment facility. We accept 3D secure payments that require an authentication from the original card holder, and we follow GDPR guidelines.

WoW is a Secondary Market Seller

It is important that you acknowledge the following, we are also displaying this disclaimer on the very top of every page of our site: WoW is a secondary market reseller & isn’t the primary provider of the tickets. Final ticket prices are higher than their face value & fluctuate according to supply & demand. WoW is solely a marketplace in which sellers can sell their tickets & buyers can buy tickets to access high demand events & while doing so, we aim to provide a reliable service, offer fair prices and friendly customer support.

Our Promises to You

Trust in us to supply the best football tickets around at unbeatable prices. We promise to provide great seats at all the best soccer matches along with top quality service. We want you to have a terrific online buying experience and achieve your dreams – to stand cheering from the stands at your chosen match. We are dedicated to providing you with a quick, easy and successful football ticket buying experience . . . the only thing we can’t guarantee is that your team will win.