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Football News

The Manchester Derby will dictate who wins the Premier League in 2017-18
Nov 12, 2017 Sun 19:50

 Manchester City are running away with the English Premier League...

Premier League football on Boxing Day – The greatest day of the year
Sep 1, 2017 Fri 12:59

English Premier League 2017-18: Countdown to Kickoff
Jul 2, 2017 Sun 10:52

English Premier League Season 2017/18...

When Can Chelsea Be Crowned Champions?
Mar 27, 2017 Mon 10:43

Arsenal – Defeat May Cost More Than Points
Dec 21, 2016 Wed 15:10

Everton v Arsenal – 2-1 Back-to-back defeats at Everton and Manchester City saw a nine-point gap open between Chelsea and Arsenal, with the Gunners slipping to fourth...